50 years for the Alouette II

March 12, 1955 - March 12, 2005

Engineers and test flight team shouldering high their success !

Photo : archives Jean BOULET.

The ALOUETTE II, it is :

The first worldwide turbine powered helicopter to be produced in serie.

One of the most record credited helicopter.

A versatile and powerful helicopter.

A success for French Technology.

The success of an extraordinary team of engineers, technicians and test pilots.

... 50 years later, the Alouette II is still flying !

Pictures of Alouette II No. 01

Photo : EH 03/067 "Parisis".

Commemorative day of March 15, 2005

organized by ROTORS DU MONDE

at Toussus-le-Noble :

La Chronique : "Commemoration of 50 years of maiden flight of Alouette II" (PDF)




Alouette II animation in Le Bourget

Press Release of May 30, 2005 (ZIP, French)

Philippe BOULAY held a conference at Marignane plant on June 24, 2005

La Chronique : "50 years of the Alouette II : Philippe Boulay held a conference in Marignane" (PDF)

Genesis of the Alouette II Helicopter by Philippe Boulay (www.cocardes.com)


Meeting after Philippe BOULAY's excellent conference between Pierre GILLARD (middle), Mr. Jean-Louis ESPES of Eurocopter (left) and another well known Eurocopter helicopter specialist, Lionel LAPORTE (right). Daniel LIRON photo.
Discussion with (from left to right) Pierre GILLARD, Mr. Gerard HENRY, Mr. Philippe BOULAY and Mr. Jean-Louis ESPES. Daniel LIRON photo.

Photo : Pierre GILLARD.

Click on the picture to get a larger printable PDF version.

The picture

of those who have designed, realized and tested the Alouette II

50 years later such as the Alouette II, they are still there ... and in good shape !



Henri PETIT,

Flying Engineer


Test Pilot

Gerard HENRY,

Test Pilot

Pierre GILLARD & Fabrice PALUMBO photos.

Marignane, June 25, 2005.

Other pictures

With support of company Aeromecanic.

An Alouette II Fly-In

will take place at Rouen next August 21st, 2005.

It will be organized by Federation Française de Giraviation

during the 12th World Helicopter Championship.

Release ( French )

Heliplaisir's page ( French )

Philippe BOULAY to hold a conference in Turbomeca's Bordes plant on November 28, 2005

Genesis of the Alouette II Helicopter by Philippe Boulay (www.cocardes.com)

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Alouette II, Mr. René MOUILLE, who was one of the engineers who designed the Alouette series, and Mr. Pierre GILLARD are jointly writing an article on that subject in the Swiss Hélico-Revue magazine.

This article contains several interview extracts and unpublished texts of test pilots Jean BOULET, Gerard HENRY, Henri PETIT and Denis PROST.

Two issues not to be missed !

Die Helico Revue gibt es auch in deutscher Sprache.


Half of a Century for the Alouette II

Article written by Daniel LIRON, a renowed French Helicopter expert, and published in Aviation Francaise Magazine No. 3.



French Helicopters from SNCASE to Eurocopter :

The SE. 3130 Alouette II

Excellent article written by Daniel LIRON about the history of the Alouette II on Aerostories.

French PDF Article

Some excellent French books to read about Alouette genesis :

L'envol des "Alouette", Charles MARCHETTI,

Fascination, Paris, 1990, ISBN 2-283-75113-6.

Histoire de l'Hélicoptère racontée par ses pionniers, Jean BOULET,

éditions France-Empire, Paris, 1991, ISBN 2-7048-0676-4.

Records et premières des hélicoptères français, Henri LLUCH,

Edisud, Aix-en-Provence, 1993, ISBN 2-85744-671-3.



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