This is a brief video sequence of the arrival of a Chilean Army's Lama during a rescue mission in order to evacuate a person who was injured during an "Off-Road" 4x4 raid that took place in September 2004 in Patagonia. Weather was not very good and there were strong winds as shown on the pictures taken by Francisco HERNANDEZ.

Approach of the Lama (MPG 1,31 Mb)

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An Alouette II dedicated musical clip. Pictures were shot during yearly trips of Sion Helicopter Group in 2000 and 2001. It is a compilation of the best shooting sequences. Pictures were taken in France (Narbonne, Camargue, Côte d'Or) and in Switzerland.

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A report that is produced by Makila : "Lama versus B3". It is dedicated to the B3, but it is also a comparison with the Lama. It pays homage to Philippe ROY, Helicoptere Service's Director, who was killed at the controls of a B3 in 2004. Not really happy, but this homage was necessary due to the fact that the subject and mixing of his interviews were completed after his death.

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A report that was done with Air Glaciers' HB-XRE Lama in 1999 about refuge resupply. The subject is split into two parts and also tells the capital role that was played by aircraft transport for mountain refuge building and resupplying.

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Second part about mountain refuge resupply.

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A sequence that was shot with HB-XKJ and HB-XQT registered Alouette IIs during a show at the flying model field of Aproz close to Sion. It is a rush mix without any comment, but however with radio communication between pilots.

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That clip was shot with HB-XPJ Lama's operator Helicoptere Service. It was a compost transport in Dezaley area, which has got an enviable reputation in French Switzerland for its vineyards close to Lausanne.

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A musical clip that was shot during a regional transport mission with HB-XQD registered SA316B Alouette III in 2000. Its operator, Helicoptere Service, ceased activies in 2005, but some good pictures remain !

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A brief clip that was shot with HB-XQD SA316B Alouette III in 2001. It took place during a rescue training during which Jean-Etienne ALLET, to whom we owe those beautiful videos produced by Makila, had the opportunity to be winched with his camera.

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It was an unusual rescue ... Two workers were on a scaffolding that collapsed. They fell off the equivalent of two storeys. As paramedics were unable to reach them, help was asked to Air-Glaciers. So was the Alouette III put into action above downtown Sion !

To watch clip (MOV 5,17Mb)

Production et réalisation

A musical clip dedicated to vineyard helicopter spraying operations. The action occured at Fully in 2005. The clip was mixed to be included in a Makila produced movie to celebrate Air Glaciers' 40th anniversary. Even if the Lama still officially holds the World Altitude Record, it remains very impressive when it flies 3 meters above ground ...

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Here are two video sequences made by Ian INNES of PDG Helicopters's G-LAMA used for spraying operations in Northern Ireland in 2005.

First sequence (MPG 9,73 Mb)

Second sequence (MPG 11,21 Mb)

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Video of N319MR registered Alouette III owned by T2K on website !

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You have to see the video page of Olivier BALMAIN's HelicoMontagne where you can watch several Alouette III's and Lamas on duty !

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Video sequence of F-GGBX Alouette II on website :

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A brief movie made by Georges MOREL can be watched on; it is about Rene ROMET, Secuite Civile pilot-instructor in Chamonix :

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Video sequence about Helinka's Lamas in Peru :

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