Alouettes and Lamas are irreplaceable, everybody knows that. Nevertheless some operators are now considering to replace them with modern equipment after sometimes more than 40 years of good and loyal services. Some worthy successors among most popular are presented in this section.




EC120 is successor not only of Alouette II, but also of other helicopters such as Bell 206 Jet Ranger series or Hughes/MD Helicopters 500 & 520N Notar family.

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One thought that Lama would never have a successor for sling works ... and yet with use, AS350B3 is challenging and dominating in this category. Moreover, it is more versatile than the Lama.

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You take an AS350B3, you add parts of EC120, EC135 and AS355, and you get the Alouette III successor. By the way, Eurocopter has developed the EC130B4 on the AS350B3 frame as it was the case with the Lama and the Alouette III.

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Due to the twinengine requirements in some fields of activities including EMS (Emergency Medical Service), the TwinStar is actually appreciated as light helicopter and as successor of Alouette II's and Alouette III's.

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EC135 / EC635

Alouette III has proven its worth notably as ambulance. EC135 has now imposed itself in this sector worldwide. Unusually, the German Army (Heeresflieger) has replaced its Alouette II's by EC135's for ab-initio training.

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EC145 is probably the top of its class for air rescue missions. As a matter of fact it has plenty of inside room, unobstructed cabin amenagement and accessibility as well as an incredible power. These are certainly the reasons why it became the Alouette III successor for mountain rescues especially in France and Switzerland.

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